InEvent Boosted By $2M Investment For Virtual Events Platform

 InEvent Boosted By $2M Investment For Virtual Events Platform


InEvent, a young start-up whose ‘out-of-the-box’ software offers a virtual and hybrid event platform, has announced that it has just received a $2 million investment from Storm Ventures.

With the current, unprecedented worldwide pandemic, the event industry has been forced to a grinding halt however, with change comes huge opportunity and the potential for growth.  With our ‘new normal’ of social distancing now an integral part of daily life, the ways in which we live, work and interact have dramatically changed. What was once considered a temporary solution and a less than ideal alternative to the real thing, virtual event platforms are fast becoming essential meeting places for businesses.

Storm Ventures, founded in 1997, are a B2B focused venture capital firm that focuses on seed and early stages in  information technology companies. “COVID has changed the way events are being held beyond what we imagined a year ago. There is no going back to traditional events, with or without a vaccine. At Storm Ventures, we believe the team at InEvent will shape the future of events to come.” says Pascale Diaine, Principal at Storm Ventures. “What made me personally even more excited to partner with this team is the fact that they have been prioritizing diversity in the company’s culture from day one. Across InEvent, with employees based in 13 different countries, 50% of managers are female and 50% are Latino.” Praised Diaine of InEvent further.

They have avoided mimicking real-life experiences through 3D features and instead  focussed  on what clients really value when hosting and attending an online event. Available features include: marketing suite with emails and messages to personalise the attendees journey; built-in registration systems to collect data, process payments and print badges; digital integrations with CRMs like Salesforce, Marketo and Hubspot; an interactive mobile app for live engagement with in-person, virtual or hybrid attendees.

Based in Atlanta, GA, the startup was founded in 2013 and is led by Pedro Góes (CEO), Mauricio Giordano (CTO) and Vinícius Neris (CRO) – all of them with a computer engineering background. Góes and the InEvent Board of Directors will direct the $2milion investment mainly to the area of product innovation, in addition to technology for improved hybrid event management.

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