Five Quick Tips to Use Instagram to Promote Your Event in 2020

 Five Quick Tips to Use Instagram to Promote Your Event in 2020

Video Ads

It pays to be counter-intuitive. 75% of all Instagram content are images, so turning to videos is a great way to get your content stand out from the crowd. 

The trick to stand-out on Instagram is to make your content native to the platform. What does that mean? Let’s say you want to share some attendee testimonials to stay top-of-mind. Use their unedited voice (no scripting, no voiceover!) and share their honest raw feedback. Stay away from high production quality and remove all branding, to get the best result. 

You don’t necessarily have to promote your business. Instagram is a great way to connect with your industry, offer quick tips or advice about event planning. It will only boost your voice within the community and with your attendees alike.

Vertical videos can be a great tool to make your content seem authentic. Don’t forget to add captions on the video, as the sound is muted by default until users decide to turn it on. 

Instagram Stories with Hashtags

Instagram stories are underused by marketers, but stories can be much more engaging with the use of animated gif and the possibility of creating polls. 

To further increase your engagement, you can also ask some open-ended questions. 

Once people have answered your open-ended question, you can reply to them too make sure you stay top-of-mind with your target audience.

The added benefit with Instagram stories is that you can use up to ten hashtags. Hashtags that are normally hard to rank for, can easily be used in this case because of the lack of competition from other marketers on Instagram stories if you know they are being underused by your competitors.

Work with your influencers, and speakers. Finding the right influencer to share your message is the hard part – luckily you would have put a lot of resources on bringing valuable content for your attendees. Why not use the people you select to promote your event? When working with influencers, a general rule to adopt is to expect to pay around $10 for every 1000 followers they have. Of course, this is dependent on the industry.

Post on Weekends and Get 22% more Engagement 

Finding the right time to send a post out can be tricky. You have to remember that Instagram uses algorithms to determine a ‘relevant’ time to display your posts to your audience.

To get the most eyeballs on your post and grow your organic reach, choose the right time. Getting it right can make or break your post because the more engagement you get the more organic reach you will have. 

When is the right time? Posting during the week when everyone is posting about their business can be tricky, of course. This is all relative to your target market, but what would be preferable get the most engagement out of the first few hours to reach the maximum people within your audience.

When is the right time? Studies show that posts on weekends get a 22% higher engagement than weekdays. The trade-off, of course, is that your audience may not be in the ‘mood’ for work on the weekend. But this is all relative to your target market.  

Get a Proper Hashtag Strategy 

List the topic related to your event topic and see which of these hashtags are worth going after. It doesn’t have to be about your industry, it can also be about your business #Eventprofs. 

Having a proper hashtags strategy is essential to growing your Instagram followers for that there are tools you can use such as or

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