Five Facebook Advertising Tips to Get More Ticket Sales in 2020

Facebook has a huge network of dedicated users and it is one of the most lucrative places for marketers to advertise. 

Competition on Facebook is intense and with good reason — Facebook advertising is the most widely used social media platform by advertisers. The reason behind this is obvious: Facebook seems to be unstoppable with 80% of Internet users using Facebook.  

Some marketers use Facebook so effectively that they exclusively focus on Facebook, and forget about all the other social networks, but some find it difficult and don’t think it works at all. In this article I am going to show how to be successful on Facebook as it is all about thinking outside the box.

Tip #1 — Target Your Competitor’s Fans

Before looking at your competitors to refine your persona, first you need to have defined a few personas of your ideal client yourself to make sure you are targeting them correctly. Facebook makes it easy and straightforward. It is up to you to find the right audience that works for your business. If you have not defined your target persona yet, work with your sales team; they will be able to reveal a few commonalities they have found about your business clients.

Test and learn to try different targeting options with your persona. See which one gets the most interaction and refine your targeting. 

Target your competitors’ fans using Audience Insights.

Here’s how: Open your Audience Insights dashboard, selecting ‘Everyone on Facebook’. Under’ Create Audience’ on the left of the page, use basic targeting options like location, age, gender, and interests to build an audience that would match your target personas.

Go to the ‘Page Likes’ tab to see which pages your target audience is already connecting with. Make a copy of this list somewhere.

Go back to the Create Audience tab and enter the name of a competitors’ Facebook Page in the Interests box. On that page, check out the information to see if you can gain additional insights that will help target your ads more precisely.

Create a new audience based on this research, then test it against one of your current audiences. Or just Save and you now have an audience based off your competitor

Tip #2: Find Out What Ads Your Competitors are Running

Using the Facebook ad Library to look at what your competitors are doing is very simple: Go to your competitor’s Facebook Page and click the ‘Page Transparency’ link on the right hand side of the page. 

This will give you look at what Creatives your competitors are running. The other interesting information you can see is when the advert was started. This info may not seem important at first,  but it actually is a strong indicator on how successful the ads are. If you do look at this link often, it could help you understand how often your competitors change their creatives. Or you could even make what we call in advertising ‘counter’ ads, to counter your competitor’s marketing spend and use it to your advantage.

Tip #3: Test Your “Creatives” In different Formats 

You should always produce different Creatives and test them to find out which one works best for your audience. 

Luckily, this is easy to do because Facebook recently released a new feature called “Dynamic Creative Ads” which allows you to upload multiple versions of images, headlines and descriptions and allows Facebook to test different variations and find the most effective combination. 

This has the double benefit of testing a lot of Creatives at once, and saving a ridiculous amount of time. You will not believe the amount of time I spent in the past sending creatives out and finding the right combination. It is normally a painful process. The good thing with this is if you find a right combination why not test it on other social platforms.

Tip #4: Remarketing with offers and Past Attendee Testimonials 

Why not retarget past website visitors who visited your ticket price page? If they look at the price page they are likely to be interested in your event. 

The trick is to be creative when retargeting your visitors otherwise they will quickly tune you out.

Why not make a Facebook carousel with past attendee testimonials?

Or create urgency by making your ticket offering scarce, by introducing a price increase once a certain number of tickets have been sold? Continuously increase the price the closer you get to the event.

Or you could make remarketing ads with the number of tickets left, or show a countdown clock to a price increase, incentivising them to take action now rather than later. 

Tip #5: Click to Messenger Advert – Conversational Marketing 

We are in the age of conversational marketing. Being available to answer any question is a must in 2020. 

Like the people at Drift often say: When you go to a store, employees are there to greet you and help you find more information about what you need. So why should it be any different when people come to your online ticket store? 

Help them answer questions about your upcoming event – how long it runs, or about your speakers. And so on. This will help you build trust with future attendees. 

A Click to Messenger Advert allows you to display a call to action and insert a link to your company messenger, so that when your ads pop-up, the potential attendee can spark a conversation with you. The added benefit is that you know that these people are engaged, and interested to come to your event. You could offer them a further incentive to buy a ticket on the spot by offering them a limited offer.

Jack Geddes

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