Six Quick Tips on How to Use Twitter for Your Event Marketing in 2020

 Six Quick Tips on How to Use Twitter for Your Event Marketing in 2020

Use Twitter as a Search Engine 

Our first tip is to be on the lookout for what people are saying about hot topics in your industry , by using twitter as a search engine. Let’s say they are interested in a recommendation about a wedding dress. Why not let them know about your wedding show, where several suppliers of dresses will be present? 

Don’t be afraid to spark conversations by creating polls or tweeting open questions. Marketing on Twitter is all about being social. The trick is to stand out from the crowd! Posting about your latest company happenings on a blog is feasible, but what is better is finding the people who are tweeting about that topic. Don’t be afraid to showcase your exhibitors on Twitter and tag them when the topic is relevant.

If you only tweet about your brand, you will never stand out and your engagement will decrease over time.

Monitor What People Say about Your Competitors and Spark a Conversation with Them

Remember Twitter is about being social. Sparking a conversation with your competitors should be expected, and your customer will love you for it.  

Monitor your competitor’s hashtags and look at what people are saying. Not only it will give you good insights about what your competitors are up to, but it is what we call in marketing ‘competitor research’.

Feel free to enter the conversation when you think you have something valuable to add. If they are complaining about your competitor’s event why not send them a private message with a discount code to your event.

Participate in the Hashtags of Your Industry Events

This might be controversial, but let’s say you are organising an event in the UK and you have a sister event in the US. Why not enter the conversation and show your presence by entering their event hashtags. This will increase your brand awareness with potential attendees. 

Not only should your sister event not mind because it will amplify and legitimise their voice, it is a win-win for the both of you to increase attendance at your respective shows. Why not even get a booth at your competitor’s event to show your presence. After all, if you are organising an industry event, you are likely to have the same clients. 

Spark a Conversation with Your Speakers and Attendees on Twitter

You have an important speaker coming. You are excited about it; you have been promoting her/his presence for weeks now. The best way to show your excitement is to engage with them about the event on Twitter for the world to see! Allow your attendees to enter the conversation and create a buzz before the show.

Turn your attendees into brand advocates: Sparking conversation with your attendees is often forgotten but why not ask them to tweet about your event when they are registering. Or why not collect their Twitter handles and send them a thank you note with an open-ended question — this has the added benefit of creating loyal brand advocates. 

Show your attendees and exhibitors that you care so that they are more inclined to talk about your event to their colleagues and friends. The open-ended question can also be used to do some market research about the event, or it can be used to give them power over your event organisation by polling them on the hashtag you will be using during the event or the name of a session. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box as long as you don’t make the, err, ‘mistake’ below: 

Create a Buzz and PR Coverage!

To generate press coverage of your brand on Twitter you have to be creative! Brands have been using Twitter effectively to generate press coverage for years now, whether it is Domino’s delivering pizza on your train journey or whether it is a customer asking you for toilet paper on a moving train. You need to be Tweeting and show your presence on Twitter to make these things happen.

Need some creative inspiration: Why not create the first event with a Twitter concierge service? Tell your attendees to tweet at you regarding any information they would like to know and generate a buzz. 

Let your attendees tweet you what they need: If your attendees need a cab on the way to your event, why not book it for them as long as they are on your list of registered attendees and that they gave you their Twitter information when they registered for the event? 

Be Human

My final  tip is probably the most important — don’t be just a brand. People don’t like to interface with brands; they prefer to interact with people. Get your team to represent you on Twitter, ask your CEO to tweet often on related topics to your event or brand. Putting faces to your brand will make you seem more human in what is essentially a face-to-face industry!

In conclusion, to be successful on Twitter as a brand, you need to encourage your attendees to be social with you. Don’t just tweet about your event, be social. Give value to your attendees, speakers and exhibitors and showcase them.

Tweet at us and share your twitter marketing tips on @EVNTech — we will be there 😉

Jack Geddes

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